Manyone, 2022
The project consisted in developing a visual language for the new line of Airow products for Tadiran. The project included mechanical configurations, industrial design, packaging and manual design. The visual language was declined in various products and is now the design DNA of the Tadiran Airow line. The project was realized in close cooperation with the mechanical design team.

The main challenge for the Tadiran Airow 1 was the mechanical configuration, since the product needed to fit a wide range of AC systems, each requiring a different mounting method.
The project also included a visual indicator meant to be installed in the living area of the house, which allows the user to know if the device works properly or needs maintenance.
I also designed the next product in the line. The Tadiran Airow 3 is a more compact version of the air purifying device, which is compatible with wall-mounted AC systems.
Part of this project was the design of the Airow 3 packaging, which needs to serve as the template for all future packages in this line of products.
The packaging needed to include the following elements: a showcase reveal of the product, all the necessary papers and manuals as well as a compartment for the included accessories.
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