GRADUATION PROJECT, 2021 - Holon Institute of Technology Class of 21 Outstanding Project
10 Square is a modular portable music production system that contains all the necessary elements to create a full song, including sound design tools like synthesizers or samplers as well as song building and editing capabilities.
Having a portable music production tool means putting up with some limitations because of the compact form factor. Instead of having the user search the market for the product that is closest to its requirements, 10 Square allows him to choose which tools are included and left out of his unit in order to have a product that fits his specific workflow and preferences.
10 Square has two main elements: the modules, which represent the tools included in the system, and the baseplate, which allows the system to feel like a solid unit that the user can toss in a backpack and take out anywhere. 
I wanted to design a product that is innovative and looks like it, while still feeling familiar to its audience.
The workflow is very intuitive in order to reduce friction between inspiration and creation. The screen gives visual feedback for the user's actions on the module and contain the song building tools. The modules come in distinct categories that are color coded: the basic modules are black, synthesizers are purple, samplers are brown, effects are pink and modulations are light blue.

When it comes to customizable products, the buying process is a critical part of the user experience. 10 Squared is bought through a website on which the user can visually configure his system. Because an empty plate can be daunting, other users' setups can be used as a starting point for customization.
The system includes some quality of life elements, such as prop-up legs for a more ergonomic use, a module ejection tool, a protection case as well as an extension plate that allows the user to create as large a system he desires.
The following images are various sketches and renders from the process. The renders are in loose chronological order from top to bottom, the sketches are from the early stages of the exercise.
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