Manta is an autonomous underwater camera drone that acts as a semi independent observer during the user's dives. It is inspired by the works of Leonardo Da Vinci in its use of biomimicry that serves both the functionality and the aesthetics of the project.
Project in collaboration with Noa Barda
Manta uses AI to decide what to film and where to go. Its high level of autonomy allows the user to have a film of his dive while enjoying freely, without being bothered with the operation of a drone. 
Manta always knows where he is in relation to the user thanks to its ultrasonic sensor and the ping emitted by the wearable bracelet. The bracelet can also be used to tell Manta to come back to the user or to film him/her.
The companion app Allows the user to access the drone's parameters and edit its behavior. The user can also use the app to access films for each of his underwater adventures. Through AI, the app can mark what it considers to be highlight of the dive. The app also displays relevant data, such as location, depth chart and time spent submerged.
The technical part was one of the main challenges of the project. Firstly, Manta needed to have adequate speed and battery life while still being allowed in airplanes. Secondly, the enclosure needed to be watertight and to withstand the pressure at a depth of 20m. Finally, the cooling of the internal components needed to be taken into account.
The following images are from the process. There are early sketches as well as some more from more advanced stages, as well as some renders done during the exercise. The process also included a lot of prototyping in order to design Manta's enclosure. The last image is a visual summary of the user research.
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